Packenger Suitcases – Soft Case Collection

The Soft Case suitcases of Packenger enhance the comfort of travel in a very elegant and easy manner, and combine traditional suitcase manufacturing with innovative, modern design that is fully robust.

They can be moved silently and effortlessly and thanks to the two very smooth wheels, they can be turned and rotated easily. The refined interior is bestowed generously with pockets that are very practical.

  • Suitcase set is available in different sizes
  • Basic colours: black, blue and many others
  • Includes 2 wheels with rubber tyres
  • With pull-out handle and inner pockets
  • With transverse elastic straps and many pockets in the main compartment
  • Manufactured using consistent lightweight construction process
  • Can be placed one inside the other for space-saving storage
  • Material: Polyester 450

The Soft Shell suitcases of Packenger are perfect cases for elegant travellers: robust, lightweight and extremely stylish!

Current models