Packenger Suitecases – One World

With the “One World” suitcase of the famous pop-artist DELLA, you not only get a quality product, but also signal a peaceful and tolerant togetherness of the versatile cultures and religions of our unique planet.

DELLA transfers this message with simple shapes, powerful colours, famous places of interest and strong symbols. A Packenger suitcase therefore becomes a powerful statement for a better world.

The DELLA One World by Packenger enhances ease of travel in a hip way and combines traditional suitcase manufacturing with innovative, modern design and reliable robustness. It can be moved silently and effortlessly and thanks to the four wheels that move on all sides, it can be rotated and turned easily. The refined inner part is equipped generously with pockets and accessories that are very practical.

  • Suitcases made of PC and ABS,
    Size M (board case), Dim.: 54 x 34 x 24.5 cm with 40 litre carrying capacity,
    Size L, Dim.: 64.5 x 41 x 26.5 cm with 63.5 Lt carrying capacity,
    Size XL Dim.: 74.5 x 48 x 31.5 cm with 105 Lt carrying capacity,
    Size XL Dim.:
  • Basic colours: Blue, pink, light green or olive green
  • Includes TSA-lock with adjustable number combination
  • Includes 4 wheels with double rubber tyres and 360° rotation for optimum movement
  • With pull-out handle and inner pockets
  • With transverse elastic straps and many pockets in the main compartment
  • With extendible zipper
  • Manufactured using consistent lightweight construction process
  • Can be placed one inside the other for space-saving storage

One World – One Message!

The DELLA One World by Packenger is the perfect suitcase for the cool and modern traveller: robust, lightweight and absolutely contemporary!

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