About us


Packenger GmbH is a continuously growing company managed by the proprietors.

Packenger stands for:

  • Products of excellent quality
  • Attractive prices
  • Proven production network and established quality management
  • Monitoring of production conditions by its own employees
  • Sustainable production
  • Passionate customer care


One success factor – if not the most essential one – in the distribution of suitcases is quality. Only good quality products retain their power of persuasion over longer periods of time and leave a permanent impression on the mind. In addition to the long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers, we control and audit all production plants on-site. Besides, we perform independent quality control and testing of products in the lab to guarantee high standards and compliance with all the required standards and specifications.

Even during production, the manufacturing process is checked and monitored continuously by the internal employees of Packenger in collaboration with external laboratories. After arrival, the goods are subjected to renewed intensive quality control by our employees in Germany.

Packenger GmbH guarantees that your products

  • Satisfy all legal requirements
  • Are produced in accordance with the applicable social standards and environmental guidelines
  • Satisfy your quality claims permanently
  • Are delivered in time and exactly as you ordered them


Natural resources like renewable and non-renewable raw materials, soil, water, air, food and energy form the basis of our well-being on our earth. Packenger GmbH meets all international ecological requirements and accepts responsibility for them.


Packenger GmbH is a member of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), a cross-sector European initiative of retail companies and import-oriented manufacturers who are committed to improving the social standards in the global delivery chains. The declared objective of BSCI is to promote socially acceptable production conditions.

In conformity with the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the standard promotes:

  • Observation of nationally applicable laws
  • Freedom of assembly and the law on collective negotiations
  • Prohibition on discrimination of all kinds
  • Compliance with the legal minimum wages and ensuring subsistence
  • Definition of maximum working hours of 48 hours per week and limitation of overtime
  • Transparent rules and processes for health and safety at workplace
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Prohibition of bonded labour and disciplinary measures
  • Observation of the minimum requirements of waste management, handling chemicals
  • Observation of minimum requirements of other hazardous substances, their disposal, of emissions and sewage treatment